Media Futures Research Centre

Members of the Media Futures Research Centre have drawn on a number of shared research interests in designing this symposium. There is considerable interest in themes around health, risk and wellbeing, which this symposium taps into. These exist both among scholars and the public more broadly. They also tie in with the general principles of the research group in that they address questions regarding the future direction of media communications in an area of pressing public and political concern.

The symposium builds specifically on research activities among members of the Media Futures Research centre:

Daniel Ashton is Senior Lecturer in Media Communications. He is currently researching (with Rebecca Feasey) public understandings of celebrity and illness. Their ‘Celebrity, Risk and the Media’ project examines the media coverage of Jade Goody’s battle with cancer in 2009 and the ‘Jade Effect’.

Rebecca Feasey is Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Communications, she is (with Daniel Ashton) currently researching the relevance of class, gender and talent in celebrity health campaigns.

James Newman is Professor of Digital Media, his primary research interest is digital games and his recent work on fan cultures challenges assumptions about the sedentary, unhealthy, asocial nature of gaming. His work with the GameCity festival has seen him collaborate with the NHS and the games industry on the uses of videogames in public health initiatives.

James Nicholls is Senior Lecturer in Media Communications. He is currently undertaking an AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship on Alcohol, Culture and Public Health. James has also recently published a content analysis of alcohol-related news reporting.


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